Transformation Transformed webinar series: why enterprises are making the move to the Enterprise Orchestration Era

Sensei Labs

Every month in our newly launched ‘Transformation Transformed’ webinar series, we host a webinar where we share the transformation expertise we have gained through our work with leading enterprises and large government organizations around the world.

In our past few webinars, our experts have shown how Transformation for most companies is really a failed state. As companies struggle to evolve their processes using older, more traditional methods of tech-enablement, the quickly emerging and newer way of Enterprise Orchestration has proven to allow enterprises to ‘start fast and evolve’ in order to deliver both immediate and long term strategic and financial benefits. Using real world examples of leading organizations, our experts show how an increasing number of executives are realising that a shift to the Enterprise Orchestration Era is not only increasingly beneficial, but also inevitable.

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Constellation Report

Analyst Report

Transformations using modern, purpose-built transformation platforms have 3x better success rate than traditional models as revealed in new Constellation Research report. Learn from Constellation Research Vice President Dion Hinchcliffe as he examines the breakthrough potential of new ways of orchestrating change.

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