The SenseiOS Yearbook

Turning ambient work data into a celebration of your team

Born from Data

Every company has a certain amount of work data that it collects about itself every year. Data like the number of team members, the number of open jobs that need new hires, or the revenue for that year.

Thanks to the SenseiOS® platform and our own internal instance called Genome, we have access to a lot more work data than most companies do. This data tells us the story of a year in the life of our company and our amazing team: the connections between peers, the work they’ve done, the teams they’ve been on, the places they’ve travelled to, and the training they’ve completed. The data for each of those aspects of work is available within the SenseiOS platform.

This year, we experimented with using our data to create a keepsake that celebrates our team members’ accomplishments and serves as a reminder of the uniqueness of our workplace. That led us to create the SenseiOS Yearbook.

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What’s different about the SenseiOS Yearbook?

Taking inspiration from our high school yearbooks, we kept the sense of nostalgia and community feeling but created a more grown-up interpretation tailored for the modern workplace. The SenseiOS Yearbook is beautifully designed and personalized to each team member.

SenseiOS Yearbook front cover

The purpose behind the SenseiOS Yearbook is to give each team member a year in review that reflects their unique year at Klick. Other companies accomplish this through a combination of their annual report and annual performance reviews, but neither of these met our needs:

  • Even if a copy of the annual report is given to each team member, they’re exactly the same and don’t reflect the unique experiences that each team member has had throughout the year.
  • The challenges with annual performance reviews are well known – they suffer from a recency bias, they don’t allow for timely feedback and growth, and as they’re often tied to compensation, they tend to focus on past performance rather than future growth.

Since we give our team members feedback through regularly scheduled (weekly or bi-weekly) one-on-one reviews, an annual cycle felt more like an opportunity to create a personal celebration of the year’s accomplishments!

How does it work?

We sourced pictures from the SenseiOS Photo and Video app to select pictures from various events throughout the year. Using artificial intelligence, we tagged photos to their Profiles in SenseiOS.

Using SenseiOS’ Org Chart, we identified which colleagues each team member works with most closely to customize the photo pages with pictures of people they’re closest to.

Photo albums in SenseiOS
Photo pages in the SenseiOS Yearbook

Since work travel is booked through the SenseiOS platform, we drew on travel information – destinations, number of trips, most frequent travel-buddies, most visited cities.

Travel buddies yearbook section

Connect is the SenseiOS internal social feed (called Chatter at Klick). This is where team members can post updates, news, and photos. The feed also includes Kudos, the peer-recognition feature in SenseiOS. Team members give each other virtual high-fives through Kudos that align with Klick’s cultural behaviors like ‘Bias to Action’ or ‘Relentlessly Transform’. The Yearbook highlighted Connect and Kudos data as:

  • Most liked Connect post and Kudo of the year
  • Connect post with the most comments
  • People who posted the highest number of Kudos
  • People who received the most Kudos
  • Total number of Connect posts and Kudos given
SenseiOS Connect pages of the yearbook

Our teams are always growing. Our current team members play a large part in supporting that growth – by referring potential candidates, acting as hiring managers, conducting interviews, and submitting endorsements through the SenseiOS platform. The Yearbook gave us a way of celebrating their contributions to our growth and encouraging others to do the same, including team members who had:

  • Conducted the most interviews
  • Referred the most candidate
  • Made the most candidate endorsements
  • As well as highlighting the number of new hires
People practices in the SenseiOS Yearbook
Academy Learning page in the SenseiOS Yearbook

Academy is SenseiOS’ lightweight learning management system for all training initiatives, knowledge sharing, and professional development. Data from the Academy app was pulled into the Yearbook to show the training and learning Klick’s team members accomplished over their year, including:

  • Number of students who attended courses in the leadership workshop series and number of graduates who completed the whole series.
  • Team members who attended skills building workshops
  • Number of new courses launched per specialty

Klick’s corporate social responsibility program, Klick Cares, aims to make a difference in the lives of others through conscious acts of giving. Each month, a different charitable organization is nominated and championed by a Klick team member, which brings a personal touch to each internal campaign. The Yearbook celebrated the unique contributions of each of the charitable champions.

The Yearbook also highlighted the five most popular items from the SenseiOS Giving app. Through the Giving app, team members are awarded points or amounts based on performance or recognition and can choose from a catalogue of items to spend their tokens on. Popular items reflect Klick’s team members giving preferences for that year and will change and evolve as the team grows over the years.

Giving data in the SenseiOS Yearbook

What’s next for the SenseiOS Yearbooks?

The most exciting update for future iterations is to make each person’s Yearbook even more personalized! For example, in this year’s edition, the charitable giving section highlighted the top five items donated through the Giving app across the company. In the next iteration, this section could be customized to show the items that each team member donated. Likewise, the Connect page, which showed the most liked and commented post across the company, may also be customized to show each team member’s most popular Connect post from the past year.

We also plan on adding more blank pages at the back of the Yearbooks. Collecting signatures was so popular that some team members quickly ran out of blank pages, so we want to ensure there’s enough room for everyone to get notes from as many of their colleagues as they want.

We’ll also be offering the SenseiOS Yearbook to our customers in the near future. They’ll be able to select which data points from the platform they’d like in their own Yearbooks to highlight the metrics that reflect their unique teams and culture. They’ll also receive completely customized design. Like our platforms, the SenseiOS Yearbook serves as a cultural amplifier so it should look and feel like a natural extension of a company’s existing culture.

Final thoughts

We hope that our experiment will inspire you to implement a tool, like the SenseiOS Yearbook, to celebrate your team members, the bonds they’ve formed, their achievements, and their contribution to the entire team over the past year.

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