Press: Sensei Labs Announces Conductor

Sensei Labs Announces Conductor – First Collaborative Work Management Solution to Codify Human Instinct Alongside Work Data

Company replaces command-and-control model with people-centric project orchestration

A.T. Kearney names Sensei Labs global Enterprise Collaborative Work Management Partner as it pilots Conductor across multiple industries

TORONTO, ON – November 15, 2017 – Sensei Labs, a developer of data-driven, people-centric workflow solutions, today launched Conductor, the first enterprise project management solution which codifies team members’ qualitative insights and pairs them with ambient quantitative data to orchestrate large, complex projects with ease. Additionally, Sensei Labs announced that it has been named the Enterprise Collaborative Work Management Partner (ECWM) by leading global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney. A number of A.T. Kearney clients, including international leaders in consumer packaged goods, financial services, life sciences, public health, logistics, and telecommunications, are currently piloting Conductor.

The platform brings project management into the digital age with high levels of automation, unrivalled data collection and knowledge management capabilities, and comprehensive visibility and access for all team members (including senior executives). Its people-centric learning environment, Academy, delivers real-time training, knowledge sharing, and professional development alongside project delivery through social learning and just-in-time content, tailored to each team members’ needs.

Conductor rejects status-quo thinking that dictates project success is achieved through control. Instead, it takes a more powerful project orchestration approach, which engages the entire team, enhances communication, and evolves the role of the Project Management Office (PMO). Project managers are able to make critical decisions based on the team’s informed insights rather than performing mundane tasks like having to chase people for information.

According to the Project Management Institute’s 2017 global project management survey, an average of US$97 million is wasted for every US$1 billion invested in project management.

“The complexity and size of today’s projects means they can no longer be managed.” said Jay Goldman, managing director and co-founder of Sensei Labs. “As work increasingly involves more people doing more tasks across multiple locations, command-and-control project management isn’t working anymore. Successful enterprises need an effective tool set to orchestrate projects and keep up with the rapid pace of change in today’s digital workplace.”

A.T. Kearney as global partner

A.T. Kearney has piloted the platform with clients in Asia, Middle East, and Europe, and will roll out the solution globally in 2018.

“We are excited to be working with Sensei Labs as our global Enterprise Collaborative Work Management Partner to reshape the consulting model and revolutionize the way our own teams work internally with a transformative new approach to engagement delivery,” said A.T. Kearney Managing Partner and Chairman Johan Aurik. “Conductor is the perfect fit for A.T. Kearney and our clients because it approaches program delivery with a human perspective that delivers against our core values and commitment to being collaborative, authentic, and forward-thinking.”

Combining rich data collection with ‘gut feel’ to flag issues early

Unlike traditional project portfolio management and collaborative work management utilities that only measure quantitative data, such as project milestones and financials, Conductor:

  • Provides complete transparency and traceability down to the task level and integrates the often-overlooked — but extremely valuable — human instinct and intuition to increase program accuracy, predictability, and success.
  • Intelligently prompts team members for their ‘gut feel’ on projects to flag issues early and allow for quick course correction, enabling leaders to easily sense problems, eliminate time and budget overruns, and enhance communication, collaboration, and performance.

Conductor Dashboard

According to Neuropsychologist Rex Jung of the University of New Mexico, “Conductor brings project management out of the Industrial Age and into the Information Age and harnesses many of the benefits of ‘crowdsourcing’ human input to reap benefits that Daniel Kahneman outlines in his book ‘Thinking Fast and Slow.’ Neither ‘gut feelings’ nor ‘process control’ in isolation will yield optimal project management outcomes, however by combining such ‘fast’ and ‘slow’ aspects of human decision-making processes, complex projects can be better managed in today’s modern age.”

Pricing and Availability

Conductor is available as a SaaS subscription model for 10 – 10,000+ users. For a customized quote, please contact [email protected]. For general product information on Conductor, visit

About Sensei Labs

Rethinking the technology of management, Sensei Labs builds smarter, more intuitive workplace solutions to help rapidly growing companies execute and evolve faster in a way their people love. Powered by data and grounded in experience, the SenseiOS® family of work apps are designed to engage people while helping them to communicate, orchestrate work, and make better decisions.

The Sensei Labs story started over a decade ago when Klick, its parent company, banned internal task-related email and developed a new kind of operating system that reengineered how individuals, teams, and companies get work done. After receiving global recognition from some of the leading thinkers in management innovation and technology – and inspiring Klick to write the New York Times bestseller The Decoded Company (Portfolio/Penguin) – the system was commercialized as SenseiOS and is now being used by hyper-growth companies around the world. The company has consistently been named a Great Place to Work, Best Workplace for Women, Best Employer, Fastest Growing Technology Company, and Best Managed Company. For more information, go to

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