Press: 7 unexpected ways collaboration software can boost productivity

In August 2017, Computerworld takes a look at seven unexpected ways collaboration software has bolstered enterprise productivity. Some companies found benefits they hadn’t counted on, while others look at some of the challenges they needed to address first.

United Shore is featured for their use of SenseiOS® to support team member engagement and recognition – including Kudos and United Shore’s instance of the Giving App, which they call Pay if Forward, our take on corporate social responsibility – where the power to choose where charitable funds are allocated into each team member’s hands.

Read all about what United Shore and other companies are doing to maintain an engaged, collaborative workforce.

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Jay showing the SenseiOS platform

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Press: In kicking e-mail, Klick realized it had a hit product

In January, Sensei Labs Managing Director and Co-Founder Jay Goldman sat down with The Globe and Mail’s James Martin to share the story of hour our parent company, Klick, called on innovation in both technology or a change in process and how that led to developing Genome, our internal operating system that led to the creation of our platform, SenseiOS.

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Press: Sensei Labs Announces Conductor

Sensei Labs, a developer of data-driven, people-centric workflow solutions, today launched Conductor™, the first enterprise project management solution which codifies team members’ qualitative insights and pairs them with ambient quantitative data to orchestrate large, complex projects with ease.

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Press: Software, shared spaces fostering company culture

Nick Iozzo, CEO of DPM Energy and Sensei Labs Managing Director and Co-Founder Jay Goldman feature in this Toronto Start article by Andrea Janus on fostering company culture. Nick discusses how he has been tackling dissatisfaction that he was seeing in some of his team members – part of that solution was adopting SenseiOS to help manage workflow and facilitate social communications across the company.

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