Getting the Most with Personal and Templated Onboarding

Personal and Templated Onboarding

Onboarding is an important time for new hires. Nerves are high as they get ready to jump into their new roles. Everyone wants to hit the ground running, which is why we take orientation so seriously, an example we follow from our parent company, Klick. Klick as a whole typically welcomes no fewer than 5 people every week because they’re growing so quickly. The high volume of new hires is made easier through Klick’s instance of SenseiOS®, Genome.

Orchestrating the Perfect First Impression

Throughout the hiring process, Genome plays a critical role in the candidate journey, which it continues through orientation and onboarding. Once a manager decides to hire a new team member, one of the first things they do is send a task through Genome which will set the new hire up as an employee in Klick’s internal systems. This single task initiates a cascade of other tasks to all of the right teams involved in making the new hire’s first day, week, and months fantastic.

New Hire task from task template in Genome

For example, a task is sent to the Facilities team to ensure each new hire’s desk is set up, clean, and ready to use. The Travel team knows to book any necessary flights and hotels, Office Tech receives a task requesting them to set up all necessary technology. Our Finance team can begin their paperwork, and our Recruiting team sets up all of their company onboarding sessions, while also working with their manager to send a welcome postcard to their home address. As you can imagine, without having a tool to automate the assignment of so many different tasks, coordination across the wide range of teams would be exponentially more effort, and more importantly, it would run the risk of missing an important step.

Front and back of onboarding postcard

A Welcoming Onboarding Experience

Every two weeks, we host a full day of orientation welcoming the most recent new hires to the team. A senior Klickster greets the new cohort to share our business, history, values, and culture. These sessions give a high level overview of Klick, and are great opportunities to meet new people, and ensure everyone consistently receives the same information. A mixture of videos, group discussions, self reflection, and mini lecturettes make this day an invaluable experience, and helps each new Klickster gain the tools needed to be successful in their new role.

A fully catered lunch is provided on the full day orientation, where new hires gather in the Klick Cafe, sharing a meal with fellow Klicksters. We’ve worked hard to intentionally build out the orientation program ensuring Klicksters receive the information they need, but also to give them opportunities to connect with others, and feel comfortable in our space as quickly as possible. Members of our People Practices team also join each cohort for lunch, introducing themselves and their roles so that each new person knows they are supported during their time here.

We know how important self reflection is to adult learning, which is why after lunch, new Klicksters are given the space to complete a time capsule that will be held in safekeeping until their three month work-anniversary. Klicksters are encouraged to write about how they are feeling in that moment, taking time to express their nerves and excitement. Examples of questions include “What do you hope to achieve at Klick?” “What motivated you to make this great career change?” and “I’m excited about…”

The day finishes with a company-wide tour with a special stop at our Klick Labs, where our new hires get a sneak peek into the awesome work being done by our Labs team (think VR, robots, and tele-empathy).

The final stop on the tour is back in our Klick Cafe for a welcome party hosted by the new hires’ managers and Peer Buddies. Drinks, food, music, and games greet the new hires as they enter. It’s a fantastic way to celebrate them joining Klick and it’s a really organic way for them to meet their Peer Buddies, fellow Klicksters in similar roles who are available to help with questions, and invitations to lunch and learns, company events, clubs etc. The welcome party is an awesome conclusion to their full day orientation, and is our opportunity for us to properly say welcome to the team.

Genome really is at the center of everything we do at Klick. That’s why we ensure new hires are comfortable on the platform. Upon logging in, pop-ups help new Klicksters understand what to do and how to navigate it. Everyone also attends a hands-on workshop where members of our Genome team help new folks understand the more complex elements and ensure that they are able to work through scenarios with their cohort.

Following the full day onboarding, Genome takes over delivering Klick’s just-in-time training to all of the new hires. The most popular courses acquaint new hires with the healthcare space, our clients, our work, and understanding and navigating Genome.

Courses shown on Genome's Academy

Onboarding and Beyond

It doesn’t end there. Just before a Klickster’s three month anniversary, Genome sends a notification to their manager to remind them to take a moment to celebrate the milestone. This task reminds managers to pick up a customized postcard (with blank space for the manager to write a personalized message) and the time capsule created during initial onboarding. Genome also reminds managers that the three month mark is an important time to check in with new hires about their journey so far, their goals moving forward, and is a great opportunity to share why they are happy the new person joined their team! In addition to the obvious benefits of welcoming new hires and guiding them through their candidate journey, Genome’s hidden value in the onboarding process is that it helps managers effortlessly curate a great workplace experience, freeing them to focus on the growth and development of their team.

Front and back of welcome postcard

Continuously Improving

We’ve worked hard to create a valuable onboarding program, but in true Klick fashion, we’re constantly looking to outdo ourselves, which is why all new hires receive a 20-question feedback survey to help us continually review the value we’re delivering and iterate to improve it. The program is a constant evolution, and we are committed to ensuring its success.


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