Strategic Transformation

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Survival of the fastest in the enterprise orchestration era

Survival of the fastest has never been truer. A good part of the reason: companies know that they have to transform to thrive but an astounding 84% of enterprise digital transformations fail. Those aren’t unique in the landscape to enterprise projects.


Conductor solves the challenges of large transformation projects

Continuous evolution

With Conductor, teams collaborate in real time, delivering transparency and accountability to every task. Defined workflows and access to live data in the platform makes it easy to track initiative progress and flag risks and issues early, so the team can be nimble and create a state of continuous growth and evolution.

Create a seamless change management experience by flagging resistance to change earlier and tracking the important data to demonstrate realized value.

Our long term vision is to use Conductor to create a one stop solution for program management of all our initiatives.”​
Nikita AsthanaGeneral Manager, Transformation Office, Olam International

Hear more about the Enterprise Orchestration success of Coats plc,  a leading food and agri-business operating across 70 countries and with an annual revenue of S$47 billion, as they explain how Conductor helps them succeed in their PMO efforts.

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The worlds largest enterprises use conductor to run their strategic transformations


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global agricultural manufacturer delivered a cost transformation program in over 20 countries aimed at achieving cost synergies of over $100mn through cross group collaboration.

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Faced with severe profitability challenges, a global petro-chemicals company launched a major cost transformation program worth $250m in savings within 12 months.

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By using Conductor to manage its operating model transformation, a national airline group achieved significant performance improvements across all group divisions.

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national water company needed to transform the efficiency of its operations and used Conductor to track over 250 projects with far higher levels of control than had been previously possible.

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