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Large product and program launches have always been an orchestration challenge. In today’s Enterprise Orchestration Era, the answer lies in finding more efficient and effective ways to collaborate. Gartner recommends that global marketers “reorient organizational structures by aligning to shared business and customer goals and breaking down silos that waste time and resources and create customer friction.


Conductor Solves the challenges of large transformation programs

Inconsistent program planning across different phases of a program creates inefficiencies and unnecessary rework.

Siloed information, stemming from multiple sources, leads to increased manual efforts and limited real-time visibility into program progress, limiting leadership’s ability to make effectively make decisions.

No mechanism for continued program monitoring and reporting after vendors have exited, poses risk to long-term effectiveness.

Ineffective collaboration between different workstreams and vendors on a program due to unclear processes/ workflow, create inefficiencies and unwanted delays.

Highly manual processes require dedicated full time employees to provide ongoing low value work.

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The worlds largest enterprises use conductor to run their product & program launches


Following a multi-billion dollar acquisition, an automation technologies company used Conductor to automate multi-functional processes and create synergies for hundreds of team members across the board.

By using Conductor to create a single source of truth for the business, a multimedia company was able to manage all integration activities with complete oversight and transparency. ​

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