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Hiring to Fuel Growth

Since being founded in 1997, Sensei Labs’ parent company, Klick, has grown at a steady rate of 30-50% per year. To meet the staffing needs to fuel this level of growth, Klick developed a software platform to orchestrate work, collaborate across silos, develop new capabilities, and manage the full spectrum of project types. That family of apps has evolved and expanded into SenseiOS®, a platform used by thousands of team members at companies around the world to orchestrate work, collaborate across silos, develop new capabilities, and manage hiring from recruiting to onboarding.

Set Up For Success

Traditional tools used to support the hiring process often overlook the experience that the recruiting team and the candidates receive throughout the hiring journey.

With people’s personal lives being heavily influenced by mobile and social, expectations of the hiring process have also changed. Candidates now expect a highly personalized experience and human experience rather than reducing applicants to a number in a stack of resumes.

Building on Klick’s people-centric hiring practices, we built SenseiOS to support hiring teams and track prospective team members from their first interaction, through the onboarding process, and throughout their careers. The system adds meaningful data and provides value for the hiring team and the candidate at each stage of the hiring process – including:

  • candidate management
  • determining if the candidate is a good cultural fit
  • applicant tracking
  • interviewing and feedback collection
  • internal referrals management
  • reporting
  • onboarding

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